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Anita Blue


I’m sure many of you are aware of who I am. For those  who don’t I am Anita Blue, and 30 years old. I’ve been working in the adult entertainment industry now for 10 years. You can read more on my about me page. This site is wholly dedicated to me and my work, where you can view some of my pictures and videos. from past adult entertainment work




Anita Blue

Hi there, welcome to my site

Anita Blue was born August 7, 1983 in Springfield, NJ. Her alias is known as Bambi, but trust me this girl is no Disney version actress.

She has sandy blonde hair and brown eyes. She stands at 5'5" and 112 pounds and 34DD breasts. She has an array of tattoos on her body



My Kinky Side

What gets me Off: I get myself off when there is no man or woman around to get me off.

Favorite Postion: I have a couple of favorite positions. I love doggie, and pile driver.

Type of men I like I like a man in control.

Type of women I like I love blondes with big tits

Sex Toy of choice: My favorite sex toys are my wand and my 13 inch glass cock

I Like to be on: Top

He/She has to know how to: Lick, Suck, and Fuck

I love it when he/she: kisses my neck and pay attention to my boobs

Weirdest place i did it: I did it where they make the burgers at Carl's JR.

Sexual Orientation: Bi

Kinkiest Thing I’ve done: I've done a whole hell of a lot of Kinky things


My Favorites;

Books: My favorite books are Patrica Corn Well and Thomas Harris.

Movies: My favorite movies are the Scary Movies, Memoirs of a Geshia, and Original Sin.

Songs:My favorite all time songs are Tear You Apart, The Game, Look Back At Me, and Splash Waterfalls.

Car: When I get a car it will be an Audi TT because I love everything about that car.

Food: My Favorite fast food place is IN and Out Burger

Gadgets: I can not live without my I-Phone.

Heros:My Hero is Jenna Jameson because she proved showed men that women can make it in the Porn world just as well as a man.

Place to Travel: Naples FL, and New York

Holiday: My favorite Holiday is Halloween.!

What I Do

To Have Fun: Go dancing with my friends

To get Relaxed: A hot bubble bath and listen to some mellow tunes

To get Turned On: Look at a penthouse magazine

When I am Happy: Sing and hum alot

When I am Sad: I isolate and like to stay in bed

When I am Mad: I have been known to throw objects


Asked Qestions

Question:How do you keep in such great shape?

Answer: Fuck a lot!!! hahah I eat what ever i want but exercise when i can

Question: Where are you from ?

Answer: a small town in Wisconsin

Question: What do you look for in a man?

Answer: I need someone that can be responsible and spontaneous at the same time.Confident, well groomed, they must have a style, motivated, successful, and have to know how to spoil a woman they way she deserves to be.

About me

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